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Challenge is back on! I missed the first 2 episodes because of moving and getting a new Tivo that doesn't have all the my season passes on it yet. DD:
So, impressions: Did Chet hit on Mandie and then throw her into the Gulag?? I wish I had seen that episode. I like Chet and would have loved to see him be a stone cold bitch like that. Mandie used to date a friend of my brother, so that always makes me feel closer to the challenge.
A bunch of people I barely remember are here and old favorites of mine: Derrick (love), Chet (love), Paula (okay), Brad (shrug), and Sarah (she's intense).
A a bunch of people who I don't really like because they are crazy, bitches, or just annoying:
Dunbar (lame), Johnny (gross), Katie (scary), Laurel (monster), Shauvon (so annoying, ugh), Theresa (so annoying also), and Tori (shrug).
I wish: Evan, Kenny, Wes, Ryan, Noor were here. Love them!
Apparently Danny and Melinda are divorced now. It a giant surprise that a couple that meet on the Real World didn't work out in real life. Maybe it's because Danny is so creepy. I don't know what it is about that guy but he has a really creeper intensity about him.
Laurel was being a total monster and telling poor Big Easy that he was fat and ugly and a red head so no one would ever sleep with him. I don't care how drunk she was, that was totally out of line. He didn't even do anything. She just attacked him for basically breathing air near her. What a hideous person. Ick.
The challenge was to jump across water on beds, which they have actually done before I think but this time they were up in the air. Shauvon had a 'panic attack' because last time she feel she exploded her breast implant. She freaks out and makes her team DQ and then is surprised that Sarah wants her to go home. She spends the episode talking about how she wants to prove herself to her team, but obviously she has already had three chances to do that. She whines about how no one is supporting her and how she needs people to believe in her. In real life, that is true but she is on challenge. No one believes in you on challenge, you need to take care of yourself there. She should stop coming on to these, she isn't cut out for them.
Johhny Bananas gets in a bar fight and then people talk about how he is awful. That's true, he does seem to be straight out awful.
Some dude named Vinny and Shauvon go home and Big Easy proves that he is awesome and gets to stay!

So in real people life, T.J., the host, got hurt doing some BMX thing and was in a coma. Thoughts and Prayers with him.

Man, this is long. If you read my blog you would think that the only thing I love is challenge. With that depressing thought.

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