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So I saw part of episode 2. It was awesome. I loved watching Abram crash and burn as leader. It was amazing. I love watching the newer dudes be over confident and then blow it.

So I'm a week behind because I went to a work conference.
So Last Week
: The challenge was insane. I can't believe that the challenge was basically 'push, shove, and elbow everyone out of the way to squeeze through things.' What kind of contract do the sign to come on this show?? It was hilarious to see the guys kicking each others butt while the girls were just all running through and actually helping the other teams at times. Ty blows the plan his team had and poor Derrick is just calling his name over and over.

Ayllia and Luke get voted in to the gulag against Katie and ... a tie between Ty and Big Easy. It ended up being Easy. I feel for him and I do think that he is a good teammate and is working hard but its hard to forget him collapsing and being taken to the hospital and losing the challenge for his team. It was heartbreaking to watch. His team actually made it all the way to the end and beat the other team easy with a lot of time to spare but didn't win because he wasn't there.

Ayllia thought that she shouldn't have been but in because Cara Maria cried, that's lame. Cara Maria got through first, who cares if she was crying. Ayllia was lame in the challenge. She claims that the 'majority of her team doesn't want her in', ummm, they voted. That is the majority. Dude.

Brad is worried that Camilla (some chick on his team) is being close to Johnny. All I can say is what a moron. Johhny is straight out disgusting. Everyone on her is team is all 'Johnny is scummy and uses women and we are worried. We know him.' and she is all 'la-de-da' she doesn't get it. Dude, Paula knows what she is talking about. No one was ever screwed more the Paula on the Island challenge.

T.J. comes and makes the dudes shave. I like Big Easy better with the beard. Dan states that he thinks that they won't have to do anything against the Geneva Convention. I'm not so sure.

They go in the gulag and it is hitting each other in the face with a fly swatter until one of them drops a bucket. Seriously, what kind of contract do they sign?!

Ayllia loses as does Big Easy.
On to the next episode!

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