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This week on Challenge:
Dan is worried about drinking. This is a bad place to be if you are a recovering alcoholic, since pretty much everyone here is an actual alcoholic.

So Ty says 'a guy putting his [bleep] in your [bleep] is not gay'. Okay, unless I'm really putting the wrong words in to the bleeps, umm yes it sort of is. Dan agrees. Ty then J'accuses the room of being gay and starts a giant fight with Brandon. Unsurprising, cause Ty is a psycho who loves to fight with people. Anytime I saw him on Real World (Sissy watched it, not me. It's actually too boring to watch) he was having weird fight with people, just cuz. Apparently, when the slippers are off it's time to fight.

Dan shaves his hair into a V for victory (it looks weird).

The challenge: is to ride this flying surf board and then swim to a bell. Blue team goes and does pretty well except Ty and Derrick fall off, it Ty's fault. This is after he claims to be the most athletic on his team, which is bull. It's either Johnny or my vote is for Derrick. Derrick goes twice in this round and does better then Ty. Grey team goes and Cara Maria knocks her and Dan off and apparently can't swim. Red team goes and Chet and Tyler fall off. Chet hits his head on the water and says the trees look florescent. Then he gets taken to the hospital. Camilla and Tori also fall off. Then Melinda and Paula fall off. Then Brandon and Dunbar fall off. Then Brandon is calling for help and is drowning? He says he is out (he got a really bad leg cramp) and they get a 20 min. penalty. Then Tyler and Brad fall off. EVERYONE on red team falls off the board. It's sad (and a little funny). Grey team wins.

Chet is in the hospital, so not available to be voted into the gulag.
Unanimous vote for Ty and Katie vs. unanimous for Brandon and then Camilla. She is in because she is so dumb and doesn't realize that politics run these games, not skill. Stop hanging out with Johnny Bananas, dimbulb!

Katie whines about being put in even though she has 2 black eyes from hitting the water face first in episode 3. Dude, Chet is still in the hospital, you went to the house and yelled at everyone. It's a bit different. Also, you always alienate everyone.

Ty freaks on on Emily and put a plant into her bed and calls her a ho. Then he knocks over the bed and jumps on it while Camilla is underneath it. Then he freaks out and yells out. Derrick wonders why he can't stay out of fights. Listen to Derrick, he is always my favorite and always awesome and fair. Ty says he isn't sorry and is a bad team player. Duh, we can see that.

The gulag: is being hooked to a pole and trying to push the other dude over, 2 out of 3. Totally rooting for Brandon. I'm generally going for the Blue team, because I always go for the team with the most veterans and it has Derrick on it (Derrick counts as 3 veterans for me). So Ty pushes Brandon easy the first time. The second time  Brandon knocks Tyout of bounds and he doesn't get back in fast enough. Then Ty lays on the ground like a giant pansy. Derrick is freaking out, because Derrick doesn't understand what giving up is. That's the sort of dude he is. Brandon wins, everyone, especially T.J. is disgusted. T.J. hates people who give up and loves people who try.
Camilla knocks Katie over twice. Bye Katie.

Blue team is tiny (5). Johnny and Derick are the only dudes left!
Grey team (6)
Red team (9)

Ends with a dramatic shot of Chet in the hospital.

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