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Hijinks at the house. It's Dunbar's B-day, he is 26 and therefore a year younger then me. Laureal starts literally ripping girls shirts off (Cara Mara and Paula).

The red team girls say Camilla is going in the Gulag if they lose and complain about Cara Maria and how her relationship with Abe is creepy. Cara and Abe seem to like it so I don't see what the problem is (they are kinda creepy but also sort of sweet), the red team is just mean - generally.

The challenge is 'gimmie a hand' and involves being super high up between building instead of being high up abouve water like almost all the previous challenges. They have to walk across a tight rope 9 stories high tied at the ankle and hip to a partner. Buisness people watch them through the building windows and wave to them and obviously think that Americans are crazy.
Blue team first, one person has to go twice. They all make it across, with Johnny going 2 times. Derrick wants everyone else to fall and almost hit the ground but not die.
Red team goes and Paula and Dunbar fall off, which means they are out. Then Brad and Tori don't even go, so that no one will be able to doubt their abilities if they fall.
Grey team, Abe and Cara go first and almost fall off a million times but make it across through pure will power. Dude, Luke is still here? I thought he was gone. Luke and Dan go out and Tyler talks about how grey team are bad a strategy because Dan is scared of heights and Luke has zero reach.

Commercial: there is know a Glee karaoke video game. Fox, you are so good at making money. Amazing.

Luke and Dan fall!! Blue wins - Finally!!

Red team want to put Camilla in. Tyler says thats stupid because she is an awesome player but Brad says she plays sloppy (which is code for tells everyone the truth and doesn't understand alliances).
Blue team wants to put Cara in but Abe wants Laureal in, cuz Cara is hot and fun and asumably he has noticed that Laurel is pretty much mean and sort of awful. I say go for it, I mean Cara isn't a bad player and she did good in the challenge, although Laureal and Sarah also did good, I sort of really dislike Laureal, she is so nasty. So there you go.

Paula is the only person who didn't get votes?? She feel off!
Red team is Dunbar and Camilla vs. gray team Dan and Laurel (wahahaha!)

Camilla runs to Johnny to yell about alliances and how they are abusing the new kids. Proving that she has apperently never watched one of these, because that is what always happens. Johnny and Derick take this time to tell her that she should come back from the gulag and screw over her team, you know, to stick it to them. She forms the new team of Team Camilla.

Red team talks about communication and Brad says that they have no Johnny or Abe to be the leader. Uh, Brad you or Tyler should have stepped up. You are oldest veteran boys on your team. It's like your job.

Grey team girls complain about Cara being a crappy player and about how Luke wants to be fair. Wah wah wah. Laurel asks Abe why she put her in and he says that Cara has been doing better. Abe says it s good that she's pissed and she yell about how she wants to get rid of him because he is dumb.

Gulag. It's 'die hard' which is wear the people need to be on top of a big die and roll it to a certain spot with the correct number up. It's good for Camilla because she won't have to be physical with the giant that is Laurel.

Dunbar is safe, Dan is out. Oh ick, Laurel wins and Camilla is gone. They could both leave, both so annoying.

Johnny says that the red team made a huge mistake and he is probably right. They are morons. Laurel now hates half her team because she thinks way to much of herself. Cara isn't really a bad player. Dude, she does fine and has at times done better. She was totally the first one done with the weird obstacle course a few weeks ago.

Ugh, no challenge for 2 week!! Stupid thanksgiving.

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