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Laurel and Sarah complain about Cara. They are whiny and lame. Cara is doing fine and I don't think that Laurel is doing any better then her. I know she and Kenny were like the Dream Team in the last Fresh Meat, but right now she isn't doing anything special.

Tori complains about being a married couple in the game. I don't know how they are in real life but on the show they are always a super annoying couple. Apparently they need money for their puppy.

While everyone gossips, blue team works out and talks about how Tyler can't stop eating. I love blue team. It's fun to see Johnny get along with people and not be a slime bucket.

Laurel and Sarah decide to lose the next challenge and get Cara kicked off. Abe comes in and acts weird and are those tattoos or what on his arm? They look weird. Laurel laughs an evil laugh. I totally dislike her.

Derrick had a nightmare that he lost to Tyler. Oh Derrick, the only way that would happen was if it was a puzzle.
Tori and Brad act annoying again.

Challenge: High Ball.
Get balls up a hill while balancing it in a giant 'martini glass'. No one is getting the ball to balance on the thing. Laurel isn't sure if she should throw it or not. She doesn't because gray go one. Blue gets one! Gray gets 2 more and blue is breaking my heart. Gray gets 4 total. Laurel obviously can't stand losing. Then she yells at everyone. Abe is all whatever, none of this was ever bothering me. Oh Blue team. I love you, WHY?!

Gray team has a totally uncomfortable dinner because they don't like each other. Why did Laurel sit between Cara and Abe?

Blue team talks it out and Theresa and Johnny decide to go in. They are an awesome team. Tori and Tyler decide to go in on the red team. Tyler, can he beat Johnny? It seems unlikely. The time he beat him it had something to do with how many logs you can hold, I think. I was sad when Johnny lost that.

Tori and Brad blah blah blah. Boring. Tori hasn't been running for some reason and she says she is going to throw it. Tyler and Abe are playing chess. Abe is nuts, I like him. Emily and Cara are bonding. Laurel is complaining about Cara, Why? Who cares. Laurel is so mean and petty. I haven't forgotten how you treated Big Easy, your weepy video apology doesn't do anything, you egomaniac.

Tyler is eating in the kitchen while Derrick and Johnny wonder what he is eating while they sunbath. Oh, I am so sick of Tori and Brad. Tori, go home! Okay, Fast Forwarding. She is so boring.

Gulag!! Finally.

Back Up Off Me! Attached at the back with harnesses and get to a barrel and flip it over. Tyler thinks he can win, really? Oh, something is going on! What is it!!! It's CT and Tina! I do not remember who Tina is. CT is insane! He beats people up all the freaking time. Has he been kicked off one or two challenges for fighting? That one time he was did that big boobed chick on the roof or something while his ex-girl friend was in the house and then beat someone up and said he was going to eat his head or something like that. Crazy/ I've never seen Tina before.

Whoever does the best against the 'heavy hitter' stays and the 'heavy hitters' are staying no matter what. Go Theresa. Dude, Tina is sort of lame.

Whoa, CT is even crazier then I remember. He says he has been let out of his cage and is going to bury johnny. And it continued! I'm not surprised, there was so much boring house drama, that always means it's continued.

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