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CT is Back!

He picks Johnny up and carries him to his barrel and knocks it over in 19 SECONDS!

Ugh, that whiner Tori wins against Tina. Dude, Tina is lame.

NOOOOO! Johnny is out. Johnny says it's because Tyler is fat and holding him down. Johnny, you are bitter and still a funny jerk.

Cara and Abe are wearing face paint for unknown reasons.

Oh, Blue team is trying to make an alliance with Laurel and Sarah. There has been a sad lack of alliances and double-crossing.

Challenge: Riot Act. They use riot shields to knock each other off. Girls up first, Grey and blue immediately attack Paula and Tori. Tori gets smacked in the face and her nose is bleeding buckets and she is knocked off. Paula out. Laurel is terrible at throwing the challenge, she is standing there and IT IS OBVIOUS! Sarah is out and she at least pretended to be trying. Emily and Jenn is out. LAME!

Boys up. Derrick teams up with Grey so its 3 vs. 3. Abe and Luke out! It's just Derrick. Derrick goes crazy on the 3 red team dudes and lasts forever and takes Tyler out with him.

Final round! Abe vs. Brad. And Abe WANTS it. He totally brings it and knocks Brad off. I'm glad, I like grey team and blue team over red. Red is lame.

Oh, Paula thinks she isn't going to be voted into the Gulag and that Tori is going in. But Tori is not going to want in. I get Paula, the marrieds on her team are annoying and she has to put up with them. Also, she has crazy issues after being betrayed on that nutjob island challege where she was stabbed in the back worse then anyone ever on these shows. On the other had, Tori did just go in.

Blue team is Derrick, Emily, and Jenn.

Derrick and Emily vs. Tyler and Paula. Derrick is pissed, cuz D is feisty but teeny tiny.

Grey team is fighting, again. Sarah says its a play to get to the end game not a prove yourself game. Well, then shut up about Cara. Laurel tells Cara that she singled handily won her money with Abe. She obviously doesn't know what single handed means. It means by yourself. Cara points this out. Cara is sort of awesome. She has Jack Sparrow hair.

Tyler is mad, he is correct to be. Brad says Tyler has to go in because Brad went against Abe in the challenge. Brad, Paula, and Laurel are weirdly entitled. Laurel is a brat and thinks way to much of herself. Paula is selfish and now I've agreed with Dunbar about something, ick. And Brad should go into the Gulag. How does participating in a challenge entitle you to skipping the gulag? "I didn't want to face Abe" he whines. So, suck it up.

Abe's plan is to have everyone hate each other so that they will try to beat each other. He is such a weird team leader.

Gulag: Don't know yet, its continued!

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