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Last Gulag is Pole me over. You push people around with a pole. GAH!!! NO!!! Tyler sends Derrick home!! NO!!! I sort of hate Tyler now, for sending Derrick home. I love Derrick, he is always my favorite.

Em against Paula. Can they have just Jenn on the Blue team? That would be depressing. Doesn't matter, Emily wins. Paula keeps grabbing the chain and gets DQ-ed.

Paula whines some. What are you doing wrong? You take everything personally.

Brad is running for Freedom because this is his last show and he has never won one.

Abe continues to be cute about Cara and Laurel is still crazy.

Final Challenge is over 12 miles, making it the longest.

Red team: Tori is slow. Seeing spots. Finish the first challenge of shooting paint balls at targets. So tired - rolling tires. TJ is riding a bike, it's cute. Down and Dirty. - going down a slide that is covered in something and then having to roll around is sawdust? Free ride - carry someone around for  lap. How is blue team going to do this? Hard wood - Carrying wood. Still first. Sign Language. They have t reconstruct a sign in order, puzzle! Through Barbed Wire! Through a Lake! And there is an extra piece! Good times. Then my recording cuts out and I lose some of the episode. I come in at Laurel crying. Castle. Whatever, Red team wins. Ew.

Grey team: Sarah is crying, whatever. Seeing spots. third. So tired. in second. Down and Dirty. Abe isn't feeling good. Free ride - they have to carry Abe, who seems like he is going to pass out. He is not doing well, Sarah takes this moment to rub it in, cuz she is a meanie. He is throwing up and it's gross and scary. They take him to the hospital. Apparently they are allowed to continue. Now Sarah is freaking out and puking. What is up with that team. Ew, gross I looked. Laurel is mean, she wants Sarah to just freaking go. TJ kicks her out finally. Sarah goes out like the bitch she is. Now Laurel is crying. What is up?! Hard wood and then Sign Language. Grey team does it. Apparently Red had already left, but I missed because MTV hates my Tivo. Why?! Poor Grey Team.

Blue Team: In the lead. Seeing spots. Second. So tired. in third. Down and Dirty. Finally get there, everyone else is at Free Ride. They get to Free Ride and have to carry a Dummy. They are making fun of Tori 'I won because my husband carried me' and it's hilarious cuz it's true, literally and figuratively. So far behind, everyone else is 2 things ahead. So far behind. They know that they have lost.

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