Nov. 11th, 2010

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Chet is Back! for ten seconds. He is fine but had a concussion so MTV is sending him home so that he doesn't die and sue them. That is the first loss that red team has had. At the other end is blue team that only has 2 boys left

The challenge is this thing where they are hanging in rings and shooting baskets.
Red team up first and they send out Brandon to be their shooter. They barley get on their rings, and then they have Brandon throw 'sky hooks from half court' I know nothing about basketball, but it looks hard. Grey team is up and Derrick, being awesome, says he will be shooter and if he blows it he'll go in the gulag. They get on their hooks fast, with TEAMWORK! And Derrick gets 4! Proving again that Derrick is freakin' awesome! Grey team is up and Abram is their shooter even though he says he sucks at basketball. OH, boo they get five.

Blue team is all calm and diplomatic (Derrick and Emily volunteer). Johnny says that Red team is probably pointing fingers at each other...and they are. Derrick and Emily vs. Brandon and Melinda. T.J. lectures red team on being jerks who keep voting Brandon in.

They go out drinking and for some reason Camilla tells Brad she voted for him, like a moron. Challenges are based on alliances. Make friends and don't piss off Brad and his wife and everyone else, since everyone loves Brad. Camilla is confused and she freaks out. Camilla tries to reason with everyone not realizing that she has fallen into the veterans are mean to rookies trap, a tradition which the red team is taking seriously.

'Derrick is an animal' says Cara Maria, 'if you take him out blue team is done', I say true.

Gulag is handcuffs, which is wrestling, which Derrick is ruthless at. Emily beats Melinda. Brandon is on top of Derrick who is a small little tight ball of muscle, Derrick kicks his behind. Poor Brandon.

Teams are at 6, 6, and 5. So its even. Awesome!


Nov. 11th, 2010 11:39 am
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On a side note from all my posts about Challenge, about a show that I love and am willing to tell people I watch, Glee was amazing.

I thought that the songs were sort of lame and that the Puck plot line barely fit in the episode but seriously, the Kurt parts were amazing.

I was so happy to see Darren, who I love from Harry Potter Musical. He is adorable and charismatic as anything.

This is, as far as I know, the first time we really have gotten to see a boy-boy romance on prime time television in America. And it is a long time coming. I don't care what your opinion about Homosexuals is, the reality is that some people are gay and that is not represented in the media in our country, other then as background stereotype. I'm so happy to get to see a cute boy sing a song to another cute boy and have it treated like it something good. It was refreshing and sweet as anything. I've been looking forward to this since the first said that Kurt would have a love interest last spring and so far it is not disappointing me.

And Chris Colfer is marvelous. No one on Glee has been dealing with the plot line challenges he has and he plays Kurt with such real emotion and grace. Bravo Glee!

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